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Technological advances impact all aspects of a business: shipping and manufacturing, accounting and finance, marketing, and even human resources. While the idea of managing humans and dealing with computers might seem like different ends of the spectrum, there’s a considerable overlap when it comes to HR.

Technology is disrupting the way HR professionals do business, and in many cases, those disruptions are for the better. Here are ten HR technology trends we have seen so far in 2018.


Humanity is the most exciting advancement in employee scheduling applications to ever grace the marketplace. You can manage your staff and create or edit work shifts quickly and efficiently with a beautiful, easy-to-operate user interface. Humanity uses smart technology to analyze your scheduling and identify patterns and busy seasons to make your job that much easier.

Blind Hiring Capabilities

More businesses are making the shift toward blind hiring practices when reviewing candidate applications. With these advancements, companies receive all of the information pertaining to someone’s work, without any hints of their race or gender. In some cases, this is as simple as removing a name from an application before sending it onto a potential employer. This eliminates unconscious biases during the hiring process.


WorkBright is an online employee onboarding system that takes the timely process of walking employees through company policies and procedures away from overworked HR professionals. It has API integrations that can be customized to work with your organization and is entirely accessible from a mobile device. Imagine having the capability to have your new hires complete all their onboarding paperwork before their first day.


One of the biggest challenges hiring managers face is assessing the fit of an employee within the organizational culture before bringing them aboard. With WorkStyle, you can administer various psychometric and personality tests to get to know someone beyond their resume before calling them for an interview.


Cezanne is a centralized platform for storing everything pertaining to Human Resources. From personal files to performance reviews, Cezanne allows you to update and review an employee with the touch of a button, saving time on administrative work and poring over computer files on your hard drive. This secure system keeps information safe and access limited.


Despite being a computer program, iAppreciate appeals to the human nature of a business. This platform makes it easy to create presentations and rewards for productive employees, covering everything from succinct thank you messages to public displays of appreciation. This free app allows managers to send direct messages to employees who continue to do well and track patterns of behaviour over time.


In a socially aware society, dealing with a workplace scandal can be a nightmare for HR employees. However, it is of the utmost importance that harassment claims, etc. are dealt with effectively. i-Sight provides a tracking system to use when a claim is made, creating an easy to maintain a log of events and procedures during investigations, creating a safe workplace for all.

Zoho People

Zoho People is the ultimate HR tool for 2018. It covers everything from streamlining onboarding to conducting scheduled performance reviews to handling terminations in an effective manner. It creates a framework for HR practices that even startups with less than ten employees can benefit from.


Social media language and use are common issues that are now built into most employee contracts. Mention is a tool that can be used to track employees’ online activities via social media and flag if they are speaking about your organization in a negative fashion. This tool has caused some backlash regarding privacy but is highly effective for HR.

But the 9 above you may say are for your employees, what about contractors and project based agile teams? Whilst there are job boards and market places out there to tackle freelance hires, there is still a huge gap when it concerns your project based, skilled contractors and contingent workforces which now comprise over 23% of your working teams.


So here is our 10th enabler, that focuses on being the simplest and best practice end-to-end solution for your total contractor and agile teams.


InteriMarket takes the guesswork out of hiring contract employees and eliminates the need for expensive employment and recruitment agencies by offering an affordable subscription or it’s newly launched plug and play pay as you go plans. It allows you to review talent and assign ratings to contractors and interims you’ve worked with in the past, it automatically adds past talent to your pools, and provide instant analytics at no upfront cost. This is as risk free as it gets for businesses wanting to dip their toes in the changing nature of workforce. For those seeking work, InteriMarket is a reliable way to find and manage offers and assignments.

These tools, and ones like them, have the ability to change hour HR operates within businesses, both in mom-and-pop shops and large corporations.



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